Railways in Cuba

A separate post on railways in Cuba. No, it is not part of the Transport in Cuba page, because nobody in his right mind would use the railways in Cuba as a means of transport.

I myself am quite a railway freak, but during our 3 weeks there, we never ever took a train. I would have loved to, but it is just too complicated and time consuming. It is hard to find out where the trains go, when they go and if they go at all.

There are railways all over the place, yet you very rarely see a train on them. In Cienfuegos we lived at 1 block from the railway station, we heard the trains whistle in the early morning and late afternoon, it tore my heart apart, but to no avail.

In Santiago we visited the railway station (it is in the same building as the Viazul station anyway), we even saw a train leave, but however much of a railway buff I am, one who’ll never get lost in a railway station, I was not able to figure out where it might have been going.

If you are more motivated than I am to actually take a train in Cuba, you are no doubt already aware of the excellent website of the Man in Seat 61, which I highly recommend.

So, now for some pictures.

Cienfuegos railway station
Empty coaching stock in Cienfuegos
Train pulling out from Santiago to unknown destination
Former TEE-stock, now a pizzeria, in Santiago. No idea why they keep the engine attached.

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1 thought on “Railways in Cuba”

  1. I passed Santiago station on the bus and viewed Havana’s old station from afar plus rode the tourist rails in Trinidad. Like you I would have loved to take a scheduled train but they are just too unreliable!


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